The whispering sphinx
The Whispering Sphinx

Album no.


This is the 9th album.


Egypt is in political turmoil. On the verge of presidential elections, a mysterious tablet is found with a prophecy about the coming leader and his lineage to Pharaoh Ramses II. That’s when the statue of the Great Sphinx begins to mysteriously “speak,” confirming the message of the tablet. Meanwhile, the Creation Response Team has learned that the research of Egyptian Chronologist Dr. Howard will shake the foundations of modern archaeology. How does it all relate? Join Jonathan and the CRT as they race to the aid of a nation and unlock the mysteries of Egypt’s past and present.



  • Sobek means crocodile.
  • This is the first album since No Looking Back that Myles has not appeared in. This is probably because he is at home spending time with his family.