Rusty Mitchell

Voiced by

Rusty Emmons

First Appearance

Disaster at Brenan Bluff

Last Appearance

Mystery at McBane Manor Part ll

Rusty is a bully at Jonathan's school.


The Adventure Begins

Rusty first appears in Disaster at Brenan Bluff, when one kid asks him if he's going to pound Jonathan, he says he has a better idea. When Jonathan was on the radio, he called in and tried to make Jonathan look like a fool by asking a question that Jonathan didn't know the answer to.

In Clue from Nineveh, he kept saying rude things during class until he got sent to the principal's office. Then he and Jonathan met outside and were about to start a fist fight when somebody came and stopped them, sending Rusty to Mr. Fipps again. When the rest of the class went on a field trip, Rusty got left behind for Mr. Fipps to take care of. When they went to the museum together to stop the field trip, Rusty found Jonathan and Jessie and started pulling her hair. Then when he punched Jonathan over the railing, he ran off at first but came back to help when he saw Mr. Fipps was there. Together they managed to rescue Jonathan and Rusty apologized (sort of) for knocking Jonathan over the railing.

No Looking Back

In Mystery at McBane Manor, the football team he and the Eagle's Nest boys are on lost the game. Some of the team thought it was Jonathan and his friends' fault because they had skipped football to go to church. So Rusty decided to get them back. With his Uncle Randall's help, he set up a trap that sent them to the McBane Mansion, an old mysterious house. But when his uncle left the house, locking all the doors, Rusty got trapped in there with the Parks, Brenans, and the Eagle's Nest. He tried to scare them with some chains, but Jessie figured him out.