Nick Williams is a carpenter, a zoologist and a member of the CRT. He is an employee of the Brenan Museum of Creation .

Before Volume Two

Nick Williams had a great job in Tennessee before he made the mistake of not insuring his home. It was burned down in a fire and he became homeless.

First Appearance

Nick's first appearance was in Mysterious Stranger when he was found sleeping on the land that would later become the Brenan Museum of creation. He was heading to California to get a job in construction there. Nick was hired for a part-time job helping build stuff for the museum. At first he was suspected to be an arsonist on the loose, but when the real arsonist set their barn on fire Nick chased and caught him. Later Jim Brenan and Kendall Park gave him a full-time job helping build the Museum and to help work with people on animal biology proving the existance of God.

He appears several times in later episodes, but then disappears from the show.


  • He is a zoologist.
  • He is a good carpenter.
  • He studied Convergent Evolution as a hobby, and is very talented on the subject.