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Jonathan Park


Jonathan Park


Kendall Park, Angela Park, Katie Park, Joseph Caleb Park, Benjamin Park

First Appearance

The Secret of the Hidden Cave, Part I

Last Appearance

Danger Along the Chama Part ll

Voiced by

Joseph Alm,(Albums 1,2) Caleb Taylor,(Albums 3,4,5) Alex Kazules,(Albums 6,7) Isaac Taylor (Album 8)


Jessie Brenan, Eddy Novacheck, Mike Thomas, Thad Sherman, Timmy Sherman, Henry Michaels, Jamal Michaels, Myles Morgan, Jim Brenan, Ashley Higgins


Myles Morgan (formerly), Simon Addleman (formerly), Derek Dilts, Dillon Buchanan (formerly), Rusty Mitchell, Marvin Potts (formerly), Vinnie Vincente (formerly), the Jaguar, General Karabo,Bart

835464 10 exc

Family Edit

Jonathan lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then moved to Abiquiu, New Mexico, with his mother, Angela, his father, Kendall, his older sister Katie, and his grandfather Benjamin. Also, recently Jonathan has become an older brother to Joseph Caleb Park, the newest and youngest addition to the Park family.


Jonathan has a personality very similar to his father's, as he likes to learn about creation and how the earth (and beyond) show God's handiwork. He also has a bit of a hard time getting along with other people, especially girls.


  • Although Jonathan has a hard time getting along with others (girls especially), he made friends with Jessie Brenan almost immediately when they met.

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