Destination Moon Part l
Album 3, Episode 32
Written by Pat Roy
Directed by Kathryn Mokan
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Midnight Prowler
Destination Moon Part ll
Destination Moon Part l is the 8th episode of The Winds of Change.


Pearce Davis has become a national celebrity. His best-selling books, TV appearances, and seminars are convincing the public that the Apollo Moon Missions were nothing more than a made-up Hollywood production. Now it’s up to the Creation Response Team to remind America of the truth, and up to Pearce to stop them.



  • There is also a Tintin book called Destination Moon.
  • These three episodes feature some of the real young-earth creationists that helped put man on the moon. These include:
    • Tom Henderson, (who worked on the simulators)
    • Pratt Johnson, (lunar recieving lab)
    • Charlie Duke (capcom for Apollo 11 and astronaut for Apollo 16).
      • Caleb Taylor (Jonathan) got the exiting job of being the one to actually interview General Duke.
  • Chris Beaubeaux, the original Eddy, played Vernon Dobbs. Although Chris had a very grown-up voice by this time, it was pitched down just a touch to make him sound even older.

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