Descent from Sandia Peak Part l
Album 4, Episode 47
Written by Sandy Roy, Pat Roy
Directed by Kathryn Mokan
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Darrow's Bluff
Descent from Sandia Peak Part ll
Descent from Sandia Peak Part l is the 11th episode of Hunt for Beowulf.


Myles Morgan has consistently foiled the efforts of the CRT. Now is their chance to turn the tables as they track the Beowulf manuscript to the Sandia Mountains. But the situation becomes critical when the towering Sandia tram breaks down, leaving Angela, Martha, and Ryan dangling above the mountains, also throwing Angela into premature labor. Their only hope for rescue lies in the hands of Jonathan, Jessie, and three old adversaries—Simon, Vinnie, and Marvin ! Will they descend the peak victorious?



  • Descent from Sandia Peak Parts l and ll broke the record for the number of double roles in one story. Three of the actors were playing two different parts. Frank Montenegro played Kendall and Vinnie. Ray Britt played Agent Furney and Marvin. Mark Wisehart played Agent Crosby and the British MC.

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