Cry from Cyberspace
Album 2, Episode 19
Written by Pat Roy
Directed by Kathryn Mokan
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Long Road Home
The Talking Picture
This is the 7th episode of No Looking Back.


After a diabetic episode, eight-year-old Ashley awakes to find herself locked inside a strange room with only a computer. The Eagle’s Nest Gang receives her stray e-mail, and now it’s up to them to find her before her blood-sugar drops too low again!


The episode starts with Ashley Higgens and her mother, Maggie, shopping at the mall. Ashley's blood sugar level drops and her mother gives her a shot while another shopper calls 9-1-1. Maggie turns her back on Ashley to put the shot in her purse and turns around to find Ashley has dissapeared.

More Coming Soon hopefully


  • In the summary (taken from the Jonathan Park Official Website) there is a mistake. Ashley is nine, not eight.